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Batteries for Sterling Mobility Scooters

Buy Sterling Mobility Scooter Batteries

Sterling Mobility scooters produce some great products across a range of budgets. So it doesn’t matter whether you’re going shipping in town or exploring the countryside, they will have an option for you. All of their scooters are easy to drive, affordable and cheap to run. They’re also environmentally friendly, and can be dismantled for easy transportation. With impressive ranges and quick charge up times, these options are fantastic for all users. All of the Sterling scooters are designed with comfort in mind, such as using a unique suspension system with optimal ergonomics – ensuring the ultimate in driving comfort – all with the peace of mind that only 30 years of experience in the industry can bring. 

The Sterling mobility scooters feature a compact, portable and lightweight battery that is ideal for travelling and for everyday use. Typically 75Ah to 85Ah, which means that you have enough power, speed and time to get around quickly and effortlessly. With up to 20 miles of range possible, there’s very little stopping you from exploring. If you want to upgrade your battery, or you need a replacement, we have a battery that will improve the performance of your Sterling scooter

Not sure what battery you need?

Find your Sterling Mobility Scooter and its correct battery below.

  • Pearl: 12ah
  • Little Gem: 12ah
  • Little Star: 10ah
  • Diamond: 50ah
  • Sapphire: 36ah
  • S700: 75ah
  • S425: 55ah
  • S400: 40ah
  • Elite Plus: 75ah
  • Trophy: 75ah