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Batteries for CareCo Mobility Scooters

Buy CareCo Mobility Scooter Batteries

CareCo Mobility Scooters have created a range of scooters that are designed for reliability over long distances. Created with the daily long distance user in mind, they really do cater to the busiest of customers.

They incorporate the Li-Tech Neon battery, which comes in two variants: The Neon 15 has a 4.5kg lithium-ion battery that powers the scooter of a range of 15 miles, or if you tend to take longer journeys the Neon 30, which has a 5kg lithium-ion battery, will keep going for 30 miles! That’s longer than a marathon!
Battery technology is progressing, so they are able to get more miles from a mobility scooter by using the best lithium-ion batteries available.

CareCo uses a huge range of batteries for their mobility scooters, which means that you need the knowledge and support choosing the right battery for you when it comes to replacing or upgrading.
We can give you the support and knowledge, so that you can get your mobility scooter working to its maximum potential by installing the best battery for your precise requirements.

Not sure what battery you need?

Find your CareCo Mobility Scooter and its correct battery below.

  • Careco Zoom: 12ah
  • Abilize Trident: 12ah
  • Valour Scooter: 12ah
  • Careco Zoom Plus: 22ah
  • Abilize Trident XR: 22ah
  • I-Go Vertex Sport: 22ah
  • Abilize Stride Sport: 22ah
  • Careco Victory: 36ah
  • Careco Eclipse: 12ah
  • Careco Titan: 40ah
  • Vega RSB: 50ah
  • Abilize Olympian: 36ah
  • Abilize Olympian Sport: 50ah
  • Careco Daytona: 50ah
  • Vantage X: 50ah
  • Abilize Vapour: X75 75ah
  • Corpus Rapide: 75ah
  • Aviator: 75ah
  • Abilize Ranger: 75ah
  • Fellman Chaser 100: 100ah
  • Abilize Cabin Scooter: 100ah