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Batteries for Pride Mobility Scooters

Buy Pride Mobility Scooter Batteries

For the last 25 years, Pride Mobility Products have been providing solutions for mobility scooter and wheelchair users all over the world, which has earned them a well respected reputation. Based in the UK, they pride themselves on their attention to detail for every part of the process; Design, development and manufacture is handled in house, meaning that you get an exceptional quality product that has had years of research and testing. Pride Mobility Products in Oxfordshire are experts in the industry, producing not only affordable scooters, but high end and complex rehabilitation wheelchairs, so safety is always considered in their products. They also produce the Jazzy range; An outstanding selection of practical solutions for all requirements. 

When it comes to their batteries, again safety is the main priority, not to mention being very reliable. Lightweight sealed lead acid batteries are used to ensure maximum reliability. Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries usually perform better than other batteries and are very easy to maintain. We have a selection of replacement mobility scooters that are compatible with most Pride Mobility scooters and wheelchairs

Not sure what battery you need?

Find your Pride Mobility Scooter and its correct battery below.

  • Ranger: 75ah
  • Colt Deluxe: 50ah
  • Apex Finesse Sport: 50ah
  • Gogo Elite Traveller: 12ah
  • Gogo Elite Traveller Plus: 22ah
  • Colt Plus: 36ah
  • Colt Pursuit: 50ah
  • Revo: 36ah
  • Jazzy Zero Turn: 22ah
  • Go-Chair: 22ah
  • Colt Executive: 100ah
  • Colt Sport: 50ah
  • Colt Twin: 50ah
  • Maxima: 55ah
  • Celebrity: 36ah
  • Apex Rapid: 22ah