Mobility Scooter Batteries

A mobility scooter can have a huge impact on your quality of life. The freedom to go anywhere at any time is invaluable. So, it makes sense to ensure that the battery; the heartbeat of your mobility scooter, is efficient, reliable and meets your requirements.

SLK Mobility offers a huge selection of quality mobility scooter batteries in the UK at the lowest prices found online.

There are many questions that may arise when looking at upgrading your mobility scooter battery:

How long will a new mobility scooter battery last?

This is a tricky question with a broad spectrum of answers. However, as a rule of thumb,

Mobility scooter batteries should deliver an average lifespan of up to 18 months depending on usage. Most manufacturers offer a 12 month warranty that will cover you for manufacturers faults.
When using your scooter once or twice a week for an hour or two at a time, the battery could last for up to three years if looked after properly.

What should I consider when buying a replacement mobility scooter battery?

The most important factors to consider will be the reliability and cost. Don’t always buy the cheapest option, because as they say, “Buy cheap. Buy twice”. There are some fantastic offers out there, like discounts on batteries that are usually top of the range.
However, choosing the right option for you may be difficult! We suggest that you contact us if you are unsure of what battery to install in your mobility scooter.

How to replace a mobility scooter battery

Before you begin, please ensure that you put your scooter into drive gear rather than neutral before you turn it off. This will help to prevent your scooter from moving around all over the place while you’re changing over batteries.
Each seat will have a different design, and in most models you are required to push levers or unscrew or remove pins. Try not to use much force when removing the seat as you could damage it.

Then, remove the cover to access the batteries and take note of how the cables are attached for reference when reinstalling your new batteries. Unplug the batteries, usually via 2 plugs in-between. Disconnect any clips or straps that are holding it in place and then gently remove, taking care to keep your batteries upright. Once the batteries are removed from your scooter, using a spanner undo the bolts at the terminals to disconnect the wiring.

Once the wiring is disconnected from your old batteries, reconnect them to your new batteries terminals, connecting the red wires to the red connectors, and black to black. You can now place your batteries back onto your mobility scooter, reconnecting your electrics back to your batteries. Make sure you also put back in place any of the straps or clips that were previously holding your batteries.

If you get stuck when you are researching UK mobility scooter batteries, please get in contact with us. We can suggest the best possible quality that falls within your budget.