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Batteries for Roma Medical Shoprider Mobility Scooters

Buy Shoprider Mobility Scooter Batteries

Since 1988, Shoprider scooters have been producing some of the best mobility scooters in the US. Their products have quickly become one of the top brands in the country by bringing advanced features, innovative designs and affordable pricing to the consumer. 

Now, their products are available across the globe, including the UK. Their scooters and power chairs are some of the most reliable and most technically advanced products available today. Manufactured to stringent ISO9001 quality standards and always receive first class customer service and professional technical advice. 

The batteries used are of exceptional quality, so if you need to replace the battery, you will need the right performance capability and reliability. Some of the Shoprider mobility scooters require 2 x 35Ah batteries, some need a bigger single battery. If you have a Shoprider mobility scooter and you want to replace or upgrade your battery, we have plenty of options for you. If you want a better range, or a more consistent speed, we can assess your requirements and deliver the best battery for you, and only you.

Not sure what battery you need?

Find your Roma Medical / Shoprider Mobility Scooter and its correct battery below.

  • Whispa: 12ah
  • Roma Dallas DX: 12ah
  • Roma Denver: 12ah
  • Roma Denver Plus: 36ah
  • Roma Tulsa: 36ah
  • Roma Sorrento: 36ah
  • Shoprider Paris: 22ah
  • Shoprider Perrero: 36ah
  • Shoprider Sovereign 4: 36ah
  • Shoprider Valencia: 36ah
  • Shoprider Cadiz: 36ah