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Safety Instructions for Mobility Scooter Batteries

Safety Instructions for Mobility Scooter Batteries

Providing you with reliable batteries for your mobility scooter is just one aspect of what we aim to do. We want to ensure that you have relevent, up-to-date information and accesss to our knowledgable help team when you need it.

When it comes to mobility scooter batteries, there is some important general information about safety that you should not forget.

Mixing Batteries

Never mix the kinds of batteries you use in your mobility scooter. We sell all of our batteries in packs of two, so you should not need to mix and match the kind that you are using. Always use the same type, amp and manufactuer in your scooter.

Exposed Terminals

Be careful when changing your batteries. Exposed terminals can cause electric shocks if touched with metal, so ensure you remove any jewelery on your hands before handling your batteries. Never touch the terminals with metal tools or your bare hands.

Poisonous Materials

Remember that, depending on your battery type, your mobility scooter batteries will contain hazardous materials such as acid, lead and flammable chemicals. Ensure your battery is undamaged before handling, and always wash your hands afterwards.

Disposing and Recycling

Make sure when your batteries are finally spent that you dispose of them correctly in a recycling facility. Chemicals in the battery can pollute the environment, and, just like any battery, should be properly processed.

Our Warranty

We offer a 1 year warranty on all of our batteries, so if there is any damage or  defects, feel free to contact us.

Remember to always thoroughly read the health and safety warnings that come with your battery, and always follow the installation, recharging and disposal instructions appropriate to that specific make and model.