SLK Mobility Battery FAQs

SLK Mobility Battery FAQs

Q: What batteries will fit in my scooter?


A : As there are many different scooters, models, upgrades and battery compartments available on the market we advise for customers to check the battery compartment dimensions. All our listings have our battery dimensions on there, this means customers can check that they will fit in the space before purchasing.

Q: How long is the warranty?

A : All our AGM and GEL batteries come with a 12-month warranty*. Our Lithium batteries come with a 3-year warranty*. And chargers all come with a 24-month warranty*. *Unless otherwise stated.

Q: How often should I charge my batteries?


A: Batteries should be charged after each use. If the batteries are used daily this would mean that they should be charged daily. If the batteries are not in use then we would recommend to give them a full charge every week, this keeps them in the best condition as leaving batteries uncharged can cause cell damage.

Q: How long does it take for my batteries to reach their full capacity?

A: After using them and discharging to around 80%, then fully charging again it would take around 15 charge cycles like this, to reach their full capacity.

Q: Do I have to charge my batteries before using them?

A: Our batteries do come with some charge but it is recommended to give them a full charge before the first use.

Q: What amp charger do I need?

A: Our 2amp chargers charge batteries from 10ah-22ah. Our 5amp chargers will charge batteries from 22ah to 50ah. Our 8amp chargers charge batteries from 50ah to 75ah. Although each scooter model can vary and we advise to check the manufacturer to ensure you purchase the correct one.

Q: Can I buy Lithium batteries and use my AGM Charger?

A: If you are using Lithium batteries you would need a Lithium charger, all of our lithium batteries we sell are provided with the charger included in the price.

Q: Is there VAT on the price?

A: There is no VAT on our prices as these are for mobility products. There would be a VAT declaration form, in the box with your batteries, which you can sign and post or email back to us for us to keep on file, to prove the reason why VAT was not charged.

You can also download this form here. Down VAT Eligibility Form

Q: How do I claim on my warranty?

A: If you think there could be a fault with your batteries, we would arrange for the batteries to be collected and tested. The batteries would need to be boxed with your proof of purchase (as this is your warranty) and a telephone number, so we can contact you with the results. If there is a fault then these would be replaced and a new pair would be sent to you. If there is no fault then the batteries would be returned but the customer would be liable for the delivery cost in this case.

Q: What if I change my mind?

A: You can return new and unused orders up to 30 days after purchasing.

Q: What do I do if I have ordered the wrong size?

A: The batteries can be returned if they are unused and in the original condition and packaging. Unfortunately, you would be liable for the delivery cost to return, thats why we make sure all our dimensions are correct so you can make sure you order the correct ones before buying.