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Batteries for Freerider Mobility Scooters

Buy Freerider Mobility Scooter Batteries

In December 2000, Freerider acquired a new 90,000 square foot, state of the art factory in Taiwan.

The company now employs over 80 people, with offices in Los Angeles USA and now the UK. Now recognised as a trustworthy manufacturer on every continent, Freerider is committed to quality, innovation and first-class sales and after-sales support no matter what stage you are at, even if you are just browsing.
With over 400 approved dealers across the UK, there is the assurance that you will never be stuck for long.

As a producer of industrial batteries under the Waste Batteries and Accumulators Regulations 2009, FreeRider produces high quality Lead Acid and Lithium Ion batteries that are easy to replace and upgrade. As you can tell, they put a lot of attention on their batteries, as do we. We can help you procure the best option for your own needs. If you are in need of replacing your old battery, or if you just want more range or speed, we can help you work out what battery is best for your mobility scooter.

Not sure what battery you need?

Find your Freerider Mobility Scooter and its correct battery below.

  • FR1: 75ah
  • Landranger Deluxe: 50ah
  • Landranger XL8: 75ah
  • Kensington: 50ah
  • City Ranger 8: 50ah
  • City Ranger 8: 50ah
  • Knightsbrisge: 50ah
  • Mayfair: 36ah
  • Mini Ranger: 12ah