AGM vs GEL vs Lithium Mobility Scooter Batteries

AGM vs GEL vs Lithium Mobility Scooter Batteries

There are 3 types of batteries for mobility scooters.

One of the biggest benefits of AGM batteries is they are cheap. Why? It simply comes down to the fact that they are the cheapest to produce. They are designed for light use and SLK warranty the batteries for 1 year.

Gel batteries a deep cycle durability that allows you discharge them up to 90% and still get a much better cycle life compared to AGM batteries.

Lithium batteries discharge evenly over their cycle unlike lead acid, AGM or Gel mobility batteries. You will not only get at least 2-3 times more range but your scooter will not slow down and labour up hills any more. The speed of your scooter will not be altered by Lithium batteries, it will just be more even and consistent.

Thanks to the built in battery management system (BMS) lithium batteries stay protected even when your charge dropdown to zero. This helps keep the life expectancy of the battery at its peak.




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